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Thank you for your interest in Corectec's Online Review. This program is based on the most current ARRT content specifications. Corectec's Online Review is chosen by radiography programsand by individuals that are reviewing for the ARRT exam on their own. The information below is here to give you a general idea of how the program is setup. Once the Corectec Review is purchased, access will be given to all the content.

Notice to Educators

For radiography programs that require Corectec, all educator accounts are setup at no charge. As an educator, you can see your students' progress and scores. If you are considering the program for your students, please call or email us and we can give you more information on how the educator side would work for you.

Sample Student Account Shown Below

If you are considering purchasing the program and would like to know more about what the program offers, the information below will show you examples of what to expect. The below image shows an example of what the first part of what a student login page looks like. For an active account, you can scroll down the page to see all 15 Lessons, 15 exercises, 15 quizzes, and 4 full length simulated Exams. Scores are displayed for each area and progress bars are displayed for those that are being worked on.

The image displayed shows how the lessons are displayed on the main account page. This image only shows 3 lessons for purposes of giving you a preview, but when you use Corectec, you will have access to all 15 lessons, 15 exercises, 15 quizzes and 4 full length Exams.

As you are working on an exercise or quiz, your progress is stored until you complete it. And then your score is displayed.


There are 15 Lessons in Corectec. Each lesson covers a specific topic relevant to your studies. At the end of each Lesson, you will have an Exercise and a Quiz.. See the sample lesson below
(click image for larger view)

Sample Lesson

This image just shows a small part of an actual lessons. The lessons are comprehensive and will include graphics and radiographs, when appropriate.

  • Exercises - each lessons has a set of questions and answers to help you improve your knowledge on the topic you are studying. The exercises will ask you a question, record your answer, and then immediately give you feedback on whether you got answer right or wrong. So you learn as you work through the exercise. (example below)
  • Quizzes - each quiz is designed to be taken after you have completed the exercise for that lesson. They are 15 questions, covering that specific topic. You will given a score at the end of the quiz and the opportunity to see the questions you missed with explanations. Quiz questions are in the same format as the Exercise Samples shown below.
Exercise Sample Question (click for larger view) Exercise Sample Answer (click for larger view)


Corectec offers 4 unique full-length exams. Each one has 200 questions with questions organized in the same categories as you can expect on the ARRT. As you take each Exam, you can utilize the "Skip to Next" button to save a particular question to the end, if you prefer. If an exam isn't completed right away, your progress will be stored and a progress bar on the main page will show you how much you completed. Once you have completed all 200 questions, you will be shown your score and have the option to review all the questions you missed. See the examples below.

Exam Sample Question (click for larger view) Exam Sample Answer (click for larger view)
Exam Sample Summary page*

*as you can see, you click to review all questions, missed questions, or none.

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